Each year Salmonstock hosts artists in residence. The work of these talented individuals is highlighted in our publicity and merchandise, the stage and buildings at the fairgrounds and in the education and action of festival attendees.

Distinguished Alaskan artists, Ray Troll and Mavis Muller, were featured at Salmonstock 2011. Ray Troll designed our logos and merchandise and collaborated with fellow artist, Memo, to paint the Salmonstock stage and buildings.

Mavis Muller coordinated an “Action of Art Aerial Human Mosaic” called “Keep it Wild”. Over 400 Salmonstockers helped form her design and waited patiently as a pilot and photographer documented the piece from the air. Mavis also collaborated with Doug Schwiesow and Steve Agee in the creating of "Fired Up!", two monumental metal sculptures of fire breating salmon that framed the main stage.