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Salmonstock is a celebration of Wild Alaskan Salmon and the people who depend upon them. It's also about the power we have to protect our resources and our livelihoods. Stand up and join Alaska in our fight to protect the wild salmon that bring us together and define our lifestyle. Help us stop proposed threats like the Pebble Mine Project. We invite anyone who loves Alaska, salmon, and spectacular music and art to spend the weekend with us. Together we will show the world why we are so passionate about our renewable resources and what we can do to ensure another millennium of great fishing.
Salmonstock is a music and arts festival with multiple stages featuring top Alaskan, Northwestern and national musical artists. Visual art by master artists in residence is showcased throughout the festival on both the stage and buildings. The festival also highlights the best of Alaska with an elite roster of local restaurant booths exhibiting their individual prowess in preparing Alaskan cuisine. The extensive beer garden offers tasty Alaskan brews from across the state. Also featured are Alaskan arts and crafts from local merchants. Salmonstock is proud to be an educational event with both an Awareness Center and an Action Center to provide Salmonstockers with the knowledge and resources necessary to make their own positive impact on wild salmon habitat in Alaska.
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES for ANY REASON. All acts, times and locations are subject to change without notice. Festival is RAIN or SHINE which includes extreme and inclement weather.
You exchange your ticket for a wristband; wristbands are VOID if removed, exchanged, transferred, tampered or altered in any way (including cutting off the excess material). Counterfeited tickets and/or wristbands will be confiscated, and the persons holding, using, wearing or selling counterfeit ticket(s) and/or wristband(s) will be ejected from the festival and are subject to prosecution under local, state and federal laws.
Use caution when enjoying the many activities at the festival; participation in any activities are at your sole discretion. Salmonstock cannot be held liable for any injuries or property damage that result from your participation in these activities.
All persons determined by Salmonstock to be acting in an illegal, offensive or disorderly fashion will be ejected from the festival without refund. All persons and vehicles are subject to a security search for illegal or prohibited contraband. If you are removed from the festival for any reason, you will not be allowed back into the festival even with the purchase of a new ticket.
Rules & Regulations:
Unauthorized vending is not permitted. NO illegal drugs, weapons or fireworks are allowed on the festival grounds. Violators will be ejected from the facility and subject to prosecution under local, state, and federal laws. We're serious folks. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited. Park only in designated areas. If your vehicle is found in an unauthorized area it may be towed.
Respect the environment. Please use trash and recycling bags provided by the festival. Please listen to and respect all staff members, whether it is a parking attendant or a police officer. Your safety and well-being is our #1 concern.
Finally the most important rule of all: The golden rule. Please be respectful of your neighbors and consider their comfort. Would you want someone banging a drum next to your tent at 5am? Make an effort to introduce yourself if at all possible. Follow this simple guideline and you will probably end up with more friends than you started with which is never a bad thing.
Please PRINT and bring your ticket to the event entrance.